How is teaching English in Asia different from teaching English in Latin America?

Asia and Latin America both have a strong demand for English language teachers and you will always find a wide range of opportunities whether you are an experienced teacher or looking for your first classroom job. To help you decide which is the better option for you, you should take a look at the following points.

Will I be able to save money while teaching English in Latin America?

Although you should be able to earn enough to live comfortably, most teachers in Latin America will find it hard to save much (if anything at all) of their monthly income. The average salary should take care of your rent and utilities, and leave enough to enjoy a good social life and even to cover some travel in the region. However, if you are looking to pay off debts or you want to save up for a travel fund, this might not be the region for you.

Will I be able to save money while teaching English in Asia?

Unlike much of Latin America, many countries in Asia offer the chance to save a good amount of money every month. The high salaries and low cost of living in countries such as China, South Korea and Taiwan, allow teachers to put away anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per month. Obviously, your lifestyle will play a big part in this figure, but if saving money is an important part of your teaching experience, Asia is certainly a better option than Latin America.

What is the best way to find a job teaching English in Latin America?

All across Latin America, it is more common for employers to hire teachers locally rather than in advance from within their own country. Most teachers will need to head to their chosen country and start applying and interviewing for jobs in person. Although this might seem daunting to some people, it is common practice in the region and most people will have no problem finding a suitable position in a short space of time. The main downside of this scenario is you will need sufficient funds to see you through to your first paycheck which might not be possible for some people.

What is the best way to find a job teaching English in Asia?

In contrast, many employers across Asia are happy to interview via webcam or phone from within your home country. Because of this common approach, it is possible to apply for multiple jobs across many different countries and then pick the one that suits you best following the interviews. This style of recruitment is a deciding factor for many people, particularly those who lack experience of international travel. Another bonus that is common in some Asian countries is that airfare and accommodation are often supplied by the employer.

What is the classroom environment like in Latin America?

The difference in classroom atmosphere is another factor that you might want to consider when choosing a region to teach in. In general, classrooms in Central and South America are lively environments where students are not afraid to voice their opinions on a wide variety of subjects. In this scenario, two of the most important traits the teacher requires is a good sense of humor and a strong grasp on classroom management.

What is the classroom environment like in Asia?

In contrast, you are less likely to come across rowdy or boisterous behavior in Asain classrooms as teachers are typically help in very high regard in many countries. Although this has its benefits regarding classroom management, it is not uncommon to find students are reluctant to speak at all as they are afraid of making a mistake and showing themselves up in front of their peers. Having good communication skills and an ability to make students feel comfortable in your class are important traits for a teacher in this part of the world.

Are Latin America and Asia both worth considering for teaching English abroad?

Both these regions have many great reasons why they are popular with ESL teachers. Jobs are widespread and so is the potential for adventure and creating lifelong memories. Whether you dream of walking on the Great Wall, climbing the Andes Mountains, or simply paying off your student loans, there is the perfect destination for you in Asia or Latin America.

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