How does the combined TESOL course work?

In an effort to offer a course option to suit every situation, we have a combined TESOL course that is a mix of online and in-class training. Initially you complete the theory side of the course online and then attend a training center to complete your observed teaching practice classes.

Is the combined TESOL course as good as the 4-week in-class TESOL course?

The combined TESOL course is the equal of the in-class version as it covers all the same material. However, the material is presented by experienced tutors during the in-class course rather than in a self-study format as in the online section of the combined course. The interaction that the in-class version provides makes it more suitable for anyone who is not comfortable with the idea of distance learning.

If I choose the combined TESOL course, will I still receive a full TESOL certificate?

Yes. Successful completion of the combined TESOL course results in the exact same certification as the 4-week, in-class TESOL course.

How does the online section of the combined TESOL course work?

The initial online section of the combined course has 20 individual units that cover all the most important TESOL subjects such as teaching methodologies, grammar awareness, and lesson planning. Each unit is concluded by completing a short assessment to test your understanding before you move onto the following unit. Once you have worked through the 20 units, you then submit a lesson plan that will be assessed by an online tutor.

How will I receive the combined TESOL course materials?

All the materials you require for the online section of the combined course can be accessed via our online training system. These materials can be viewed online or downloaded and printed off if you prefer. Upon arrival at the in-class section of your training you will receive further materials relevant to that stage.

Do I have to finish the online section before I attend the in-class section?

Yes. You cannot attend a training center until you have successfully completed all the online units.

Where can I complete the in-class section of the combined TESOL course?

We run the in-class section of our combined course at a range of training centers worldwide. The course is available at our centers in Phuket, Barcelona, and Rome, where the training is held over a two week period (Monday to Friday, with weekends off). Our centers in New York and Paris run the training over an eight day period. We also offer five day combined course options at a variety of centers across North America.

What are my accommodation options and how much do they cost?

Every training center has different accommodation options, ranging from budget hostels and hotels to apartments and homestays. For more information on the options for each location, visit the individual pages for the training locations you are interested in. You can also contact ITTT with any questions you may have via our contact page.

How long will I have to complete the entire combined TESOL course?

Overall, you will have up to ten months to complete the combined course from the day your start the online section. The initial online part of the course has a maximum time limit of six months. You then need to start the in-class section of the course within four months.

How will I receive my TESOL certification and how long will it take?

If you attend our training center in Phuket, Thailand, you will receive your certificate at the end of the course. All other course graduates will receive their certificates via registered post. Delivery time is an average of two to three weeks, but we also offer an express option via DHL if you need it in a hurry. The DHL option should arrive in three to four days and costs a flat rate of $50, wherever you are in the world.

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