How do I get a job teaching English in Turkey?

Turkey occupies a unique position at the junction between Europe and Asia and it is rapidly becoming one of the region?s boom destinations for ESL teachers. Jobs are easily found in major cities and popular tourist areas as the English language is becoming more and more vital in many types of employment.

What are the requirements for teaching English in Turkey?

While it is still possible to land a job without any specific qualifications or experience, these positions are not likely to pay very well or offer the best working conditions. To ensure you are eligible for the most sought after jobs, a TESOL qualification is usually required. Some positions will also specify a degree and/or previous classroom experience. Many employers will give preference to teachers whose TESOL course included teaching practice over those who only have an online qualification.

Who are the main employers of English teachers in Turkey?

Private language schools make up the bulk of the job market for ESL teachers in Turkey. These can be found in most areas of the country, ranging from one class independent schools to huge international chain academies. The majority are aimed at adults who want to improve their English skills for work purposes, although there are some that also offer young learners classes. Pay is usually calculated on an hourly basis rather than a fixed salary.

Two other less numerous options are universities and private schools. The salaries in these environments are generally superior to private schools and the working conditions are typically favorable. To access these positions you will require a high level of qualifications and some previous classroom experience.

What are the visa requirements for teaching English in Turkey?

A work visa and a resident visa are both required to work legally in Turkey. During your job search it is best to look for a school that is willing to take care of the paperwork for you as it can be a little complex. Some employers will also take care of the fees as well, although this shouldn't be a deal breaker as this only amounts to around $200 per year.

What is the best way to apply for English teaching jobs in Turkey?

Universities and public schools generally do their recruiting during the summer months in time for the start of the new school year. However, language schools don?t typically have any particular hiring season as jobs can become available at anytime of the year. Although a small number of schools advertise their vacancies online allowing you to apply from home, most will still require an in person interview on the school premises.

Where are the best places to find English teaching Jobs in Turkey?

Istanbul is unsurprisingly the center of the boom in ESL teaching in Turkey. The city provides a modern, comfortable environment for teachers who are new to overseas travel, as well as great transport links to the rest of Europe and beyond. Ankara is another popular option, while Izmir and Adana are lesser known but still well worth a look. Major coastal resorts also offer some promise thanks to the rapid growth in tourism. Competition for the best jobs in these areas can be tough however, as the laid-back life they offer is highly sought after.

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