Does TESOL get you a job?

Do you want to teach English, but are not sure if a TESOL certificate will be enough to get you where you want to go? The good news is, most countries do not require a teaching license to teach English, a TESOL certificate is usually enough. In some cases, a bachelor's degree might also be a requirement, but there are many places where this is not an issue. With a quality TESOL certificate from ITTT, you will be able to get ESL teaching jobs in most places around the world.

Is it easy to find work with a TESOL certificate?

While year-long training and a teaching license is typically required to become a standard teacher in most countries, it is incredibly easy to become a teacher for English as a foreign language in many countries around the world. With a TESOL certificate you can start a career in teaching English in many places, from Europe and Asia to the Middle East and Latin America – TESOL certified teachers are in high demand!

A high-quality TESOL course teaches you all the skills you need to succeed in international English classrooms and it doesn’t take years of complex training to get the ball rolling. Enroll in a TESOL course from ITTT and you will be able to teach English abroad in no time. Schools and ESL employers all around the world value teachers with certifications from ITTT.

Where can I teach with a TESOL certificate?

There is a high demand for TESOL certified teachers in almost every corner of the world. Key markets for English teaching, however, are in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Nonetheless, you can also find ESL positions in English-speaking countries and many parts of Europe.

When it comes to the type of schools, most ESL teachers work in either private or public schools or kindergartens. Private language institutes and English kindergartens tend to hire year-round, while public schools typically have set hiring seasons that vary from country to country.

Teaching positions at universities and international schools are highly sought after as they usually pay higher salaries and come with more lucrative benefit packages. These jobs, however, tend to have more requirements, such as prior teaching experience and/or an education background.

How can I find a job after I complete my TESOL course?

At ITTT we are committed to aiding our course graduates in finding the ideal teaching position. When you complete our TESOL course, we will assist you with TESOL applications, resume/CV writing, interview preparation, and all other aspects of starting your new adventure overseas.

Remember that ITTT has long-standing ties with top ESL employment agencies and schools all over the world, as well as a TESOL job board that is worth checking out regularly.

Which TESOL certification course is best for teaching ESL?

This question does not have a one-size-fits-all response. The perfect TESOL course for you depends on where you want to teach, as well as your own experience and qualifications. The < href="">120-hour TESOL course is an excellent place to begin as it covers all the basics you will need to be a successful English teacher.

This particular course opens doors to English teaching positions worldwide, as 100 hours of TESOL training is the international minimum for most teaching employment overseas (and online). TESOL specialist certificates, such as in teaching English to young learners, business English or teaching English online, are also worth taking if you want to stand out from the other applicants. These additional courses will add to your training hours and impress potential employers from all over the world.

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