Do I need a TESOL certificate to teach English online?

Whether you need a TESOL certificate to teach English online will depend on the platform you choose to work for. Some online teaching employers expect their recruits to be TESOL certified and will reject unqualified teachers under the assumption that they lack the necessary skills and knowledge. There are a few employers out there who will take on teachers without any qualifications or you can choose to set up your own online teaching business which also doesn’t require any certification. However, in reality, the majority of students looking for online English lessons typically prefer a teacher who has some relevant qualifications.

Why has a TESOL certificate become more important?

The worldwide demand for online education programs has gone through the roof in recent years and it is only set to get stronger. As a consequence, many employers of online teachers have raised their requirements to ensure they stay near the top of the tree when it comes to the quality of their services. One of the main outcomes of this is the fact that most reputable employers of online English teachers now require an internationally recognized TESOL certificate in order to work for their platform. This is particularly true of the platforms that offer a competitive pay rate. You should also consider that taking a relevant TESOL course will ensure you possess all the necessary skills to help you become a successful and productive teacher, whether online or in a traditional classroom.

What will I learn from a TESOL certificate course?

Teaching the English language in any environment requires a unique set of skills and specialist knowledge if you want to effectively pass on what you know to your students. During your TESOL course you will learn about a wide range of essential subjects, including several English grammar topics. These topics include the tense system, conditionals, modals, passive voice, and importantly, how to best teach them in the classroom. A range of vital teaching skills will also be covered, such as lesson planning, teaching methodologies, and how to effectively manage the students in your class. With the benefit of this specialized knowledge you will have an excellent chance of securing a well paid teaching position, and be in a position to provide your students with the quality of instruction they need to move forward in their studies.

Do you really need a TESOL certificate to teach English online?

While it is still possible to teach English online without any qualifications, you are unlikely to find a well paid job that offers a professional working environment without one. Also, if you consider it important that your students have the best possible chance of improving their language skills, we would say the answer to this question is clearly YES!

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