Do I need a TESOL certificate to teach abroad?

Technically you do not need a TESOL certificate to teach English abroad as there are still some circumstances where you can find teaching jobs simply by being a native English speaker. However, this scenario is becoming evermore rare, so it is now highly recommended that you complete a good quality TESOL certification course before you start applying for jobs.

Why has a TESOL certificate become more important?

In many of the most popular teaching destinations, the regulations and standard requirements necessary to find jobs in schools and language centers have been tightened in recent years. A TESOL certificate is now required to apply for a work permit in many countries. Also, the competition for jobs has increased in recent times as more and more people look to live and work outside of their home country. Because of this increase, employers in some areas are able to be more picky about who they employ, meaning that teachers with qualifications will jump to the top of the application pile. You also need to consider the salary and working conditions that you want from your overseas teaching experience. While these vary from one country to the next, it is generally the rule that employers who offer the best packages will expect you to have a recognized TESOL certification.

Is a TESOL certificate really important?

Apart from official requirements and salaries etc, there is another very important reason why a TESOL qualification is of great benefit to both the teacher and their potential students:

Just because you can speak English, it does not mean you have the skills to teach it!

What will I learn from a TESOL certificate course?

The whole essence of a TESOL certificate course is to give you the specialist skills and knowledge required to effectively pass on what you learn to your students. During your training you will learn about the essential structures of English grammar, such as the tense system, conditionals, modals and passive voice, and more importantly how to teach them effectively. Equally important are the teaching skills you will learn including lesson planning and classroom management. The combination of these skills and knowledge will go a long way to securing a good quality teaching position and to ensure that your students have the best possible environment for improving their English language abilities.

Do you need a TESOL certificate to teach English abroad?

In conclusion, if you want to earn a good salary by teaching in a professional educational environment and you feel it is important to give your students a good shot at reaching their study goals, then the answer is definitely YES!

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