Can you get a TESOL certificate online?

Only a few years ago a reasonable proportion of ESL employers still preferred their job applicants to possess an in-class TESOL course rather than an online equivalent. However, that number has grown less and less in recent times as the prevalence of online training has increased dramatically and many employers find it increasingly hard to fill their vacant positions. These days it is not only convenient and affordable to complete an online TESOL certificate course, it is also well worth it as your qualification will be welcomed by the vast majority of potential employers in most parts of the TESOL world.

What should you look out for in an online TESOL course?

While online TESOL courses have become widely accepted by employers in recent years it is still important that you choose the right course to give you the best chance of securing the jobs you want. If you take a close look at many of the cheapest course options you will find that they are really only suitable for teaching assistants jobs or for voluntary positions as they do not cover all the subjects that mainstream employers are looking for.

When choosing an online course that will allow you to confidently apply for good quality jobs it is important that they cover certain topics. A good course should take a close look at different teaching methodologies, a variety of classroom management techniques, lesson planning, and other important subjects such as testing and evaluation and material design. As well as these vital subjects, you should also make sure the course covers English grammar subjects such as the tense system and parts of speech, as these are often overlooked in short-format courses. Without a solid understanding of these subjects you could be in for a rough ride once you start teaching in a real classroom.

What about TESOL course accreditation?

As well as evaluating the course content, you can tell a lot about the quality of a TESOL course by checking its accreditation. Accreditation is when an independent body has evaluated the course and decided that it meets the criteria they have set. The provider can then use the name of the organization on their website and paperwork. As having accreditation for your training course is a real positive, it is typically easy to find on a course providers website as they will usually display it quite clearly.

However, as the TESOL industry is largely unregulated it is very easy for unscrupulous providers to simply advertise accreditation that they have not actually earned. It is also relatively straightforward for a course provider to make up an accreditation body that doesn’t actually exist in any meaningful form. When it comes to accreditation, it is a good idea to do a bit of research into anything that you feel might be a little off or suspicious in any way.

What else can I do to check the quality of an online TESOL course?

Although online TESOL certification is now widespread and considered perfectly acceptable by most employers, it is still a sensible idea to do all you can to ensure the actual course you choose is worthy of your time and money. One easy way to do this is to do a bit of research into the provider's reputation. While it is quite easy to fake an accreditation, it is much harder to conceal what users have to say about your product online.

By completing a quick online search for a course provider it is usually possible to find a range of reviews and inside knowledge from previous course participants. If you find there are a lot of negative reviews and feedback you might need to reconsider your options. If the majority of the feedback is positive and the reviews do not bring up any major concerns, then you should be able to sign up for the course with confidence.

What online TESOL courses does ITTT offer?

At ITTT we are well aware of how popular online TESOL courses are, which is why we have been at the forefront in designing new and convenient courses to suit people in all situations. We offer a range of online course options:

Whichever course suits your plans, you can rest assured that the materials you receive will be of the highest quality. All our courses (with the exception of the 60-hour course) also include the support and assistance of a professional online tutor. Our online courses are accredited by and we are affiliated with several well respected organizations within the English teaching world. You can check our credentials via our accreditations and affiliations page. You can also take a look at what our course graduates have to say on our video testimonial page.

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