Can I teach English in an English-speaking country?

The market for qualified ESL teachers around the world is huge. Right across Europe, Asia, Latin America and even Africa, there are dozens of countries to consider. However, if you want to teach ESL in an English-speaking country, you might find things a little more tricky.

What are the difficulties of teaching English in an English speaking country?

Although there is typically a strong demand for ESL teachers in most English-speaking countries, the required amount of teachers can normally be recruited from within that country's own population. Another common problem for foreign teachers looking to work in an English speaking country is getting hold of the necessary work permits and visas. However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

How can I get a work permit to teach English in an English speaking country?

Some teachers acquire the right to work in another English-speaking country via marriage to a foreign national, or as a result of a spouse being posted abroad. If this applies to you, you should be free to apply for teaching jobs as long as you have the experience and/or qualifications that are required. In many cases, employers will expect you to have a college degree and an accredited TESOL qualification. Previous classroom experience is also a necessity in many countries.

Can I get a working holiday visa and teach English in an English speaking country?

For some people a working holiday visa is a realistic way of teaching English in another English-speaking country. This option might well be possible if you are a citizen of the U.K., Canada, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. Applications for this visa need to be made from within your home country and they are typically restricted to people aged between 18 and 30. In most cases, a working holiday visa restricts the amount of time you can work for one employer to three or six months. Proof of a certain amount of finances is also a common requirement.

Can U.S. citizens get a working holiday visa and teach English in an English speaking country?

U.S citizens have fewer options in this department than many others, but there are currently working holiday visas available for Australia and New Zealand. Despite this, the time limit on working for one employer and an abundance of local ESL teachers means that job opportunities can be hard to come by.

Are there jobs available teaching English in Canada?

Canada has a high demand for ESL teachers largely because of its long history of immigration from all over the world. If you are eligible to work in Canada or you have a working holiday visa, it is worth noting that you will also need a TESOL certification that is accredited by TESL Canada. We recommend that you contact a Canadian embassy for further information regarding your options as rules and regulations can change at anytime.

What are the requirements for teaching English in my home country?

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of ESL teaching jobs in English speaking countries are taken by citizens of that particular country. The requirements expected by employers will vary but a TESOL qualification and a four-year degree are usually the minimum. Your chances in the job market will also be greatly enhanced if you have some previous experience teaching English overseas.

Can I earn a comfortable living teaching English in an English speaking country?

While the demand for English language instruction is generally high in most English speaking countries, so is the level of competition for the best jobs. Many jobs in this field are also part-time and the salaries relatively low so it can be difficult to support a comfortable lifestyle without taking on some other work. The main exceptions to this would be positions in state or private schools. However, these jobs are few and far between and require a high level of qualifications and experience.

What should I do if I can't find a job teaching English in an English speaking country?

If you find that your options for teaching in an English speaking country are limited, don't worry as there are plenty of other great locations worldwide where finding a good teaching position is much more straightforward. The truth is, the vast majority of ESL teachers work in countries where the official language is something other than English. Of the estimated quarter of a million English speakers currently teaching around the world, most had little or no knowledge of the local language when they got on the plane. If the thought of teaching in an environment where you do not speak the local language worries you, there is no need. During your TESOL course you will learn all the skills and techniques necessary to be successful in any classroom in the world.

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