Can I learn a foreign language while teaching English abroad?

Yes, the opportunity to learn a new language is one of the highlights of teaching English abroad for many people. It?s a well known fact that being fully immersed in a foreign culture and continually surrounded by the language is the best way to learn it quickly. During your time teaching in a particular country you will inevitably have daily opportunities to practice and develop your new language skills.

What are the benefits of learning a foreign language when teaching English abroad?

While you will probably pick up a certain amount of the language in your day to day life, you should also find that local language courses are available at more affordable rates than in your home country. Another benefit is that the language you will be exposed to on a daily basis will be the real language used by local speakers rather than what you might learn from a textbook. By exposing yourself to local media such as television, radio and newspapers, and by chatting to people as you go about your daily business, you should be able to rapidly improve your language skills and add idioms and other casual expressions to your vocabulary. Put simply, teaching English abroad provides the perfect classroom for learning a new language.

Can I learn Chinese while teaching English abroad?

As China has the world?s largest market for ESL teachers and Maderin is the most widely used language on Earth, it is no surprise that a huge number of teachers become Mandarin speakers while teaching English abroad. Another big market for teaching English is Taiwan where Mandarin is also widely spoken. Cantonese is not as widely used as Mandarin, but it is learned by many teachers living and working in places such as Hong Kong, Macau, and parts of Southern China.

Can I learn Arabic while teaching English abroad?

Arabic is a popular language to learn as it is the main language in North Africa and the Middle East, which are popular areas for teaching English abroad. The largest markets for teachers in this region are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt and Oman, all of which offer great opportunities for learning Arabic.

Can I learn Spanish while teaching English abroad?

More than twenty countries around the world have Spanish as their main language, making it one of the most widely spoken. Spanish speaking countries that are popular teaching destinations include many in Latin America, such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Spain itself is one of the most popular places to teach in Europe.

Can I learn French while teaching English abroad?

While French is a recognized language in around thirty different countries, there are few outside of France that offer significant opportunities for ESL teachers. However, France itself has a large market for English teachers so there are plenty of options for anyone who wants to learn French while teaching abroad.

What other languages can I learn while teaching English abroad?

Whatever language you are interested in learning, there is probably a country that speaks it where you can find work as an ESL teacher. Within Europe, Italy and Germany are both popular destinations for teaching English and learning the native language. Asia also has major teaching markets in Japan and South Korea and many teachers decide to learn the local language in order to have a better understanding of the culture they are living in.

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