Can I get a job teaching English in the tropics?

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it is likely that you have endured many years of cold, dark winters. If you would like the opportunity to experience living in a climate that is warm all year round, why not complete a TESOL certification course and start a new life living and working as an English teacher in the exotic tropical zone? Thousands of people every year take advantage of this opportunity and very few end up regretting their decision. All you need to do is decide which tropical country is right for you.

Can I teach English in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is small in size, but it has a very large market for TESOL qualified teachers. Most teaching jobs are found in private language centers that are located in most of the larger towns and cities. Private tutoring of English students is also a popular way to earn a living in Costa Rica, either as an add-on to a main salary or as a full-time business. The best times of the year to find a teaching job are in January and June, although vacancies can arise at any other time of the year if you keep your ear to the ground. To land a job you will most likely need to be in the country ready to interview in-person as most schools do not widely advertise online. Away from the classroom, Costa Rica is famous for its stunning coastline, dense tropical rainforests, and its unique and abundant wildlife. You will also find it to be one of the most peaceful, friendly and stable countries in the whole region.

Can I teach English in Thailand?

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand has long been popular with tourists, backpackers, and TESOL qualified teachers. Across the country there are several teaching hotspots where jobs are readily available, including the capital Bangkok, the northern cultural capital Chiang Mai, and the resort island of Phuket. Teachers will find several different options such as government run schools, private language schools, universities, and private businesses, that offer a wide variety of experiences. Although you should not expect to earn as much in Thailand as you might in some other countries in Asia, such as China, Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan, the average salaries are still enough to provide a good lifestyle. The best months for job hunting are May and November, although jobs are often available at any time throughout the year. Most employers will want to interview you in person, so you should aim to arrive in the country at the beginning of either of the main hiring seasons.

Can I teach English in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is similar to Costa Rica in that it is a small, tropical country in Central America. However, it is a country much less traveled by tourists and TESOL teachers and is often considered one of the best kept secrets in the region. There are booming job markets in all the main cities such as Managua, Granada and Leon, although jobs are much thinner on the ground elsewhere. The average salary is not very high, but the cost of living is low which should allow you to stretch your income much further than in other parts of the region. Basic necessities such as housing, public transport and groceries are all very reasonably priced at a fraction of what you would pay in your home country. Most jobs are found in private language schools that typically hire at any time of the year, although you will be expected to interview in-person.

Can I teach English in Indonesia?

With a massive population of around 240 million people who are widely spread across a large area on both sides of the Equator, Indonesia has huge potential for TESOL qualified teachers. Jobs are abundant in all the main cities and you will also find some amazing natural attractions such as active volcanoes, lush rainforests, and stunning beaches right on your doorstep. To take advantage of this potential, teachers typically need to be native English speakers with a four-year degree in any subject. Jobs in private language schools are often advertised online which means it is possible for some teachers to arrange a job from within their home country. Some of the higher quality jobs also include extra benefits such as paid or subsidised accommodation and airfares. As the average salary is relatively high for this part of the world, many teachers are able to save some of their income and still live comfortably.

Can I teach English in Taiwan?

Taiwan is known throughout the world as a high-tech country that offers traditional Chinese culture in a modern, friendly environment. As well as plenty of well-paid teaching jobs, Taiwan has some amazing scenery that includes rugged mountains and stunning coastlines. Modern, bustling cities such as Taipei provide all the luxuries and comfort you could ask for, as well as salaries that are right up there with some of the best in the whole of Asia. An averagely paid teaching job should pay enough to live well and save around $500 per month. In general, employers are looking for native English speakers who have a four-year degree and a TESOL qualification. A large percentage of vacant positions are advertised online and many employers are happy to complete the recruitment process before you leave home.

Can I teach English in Brazil?

With its world famous beaches, huge rainforests, and exotic carnivals, Brazil is many people's definition of a tropical country. Brazil also has a booming economy and a massive population that offers unlimited opportunities for TESOL certified teachers. Most of these are in private language schools that can be found in large numbers in many areas. As the majority of employers expect to interview their candidates in person, most teachers head to the country to complete the recruitment process on arrival. Big cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo have the largest number of jobs on offer, although it is also possible to find positions in beach resort towns if you dream of living on the ocean.

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