Can I choose where I teach English abroad?

There are many benefits to teaching English abroad and one of them is the freedom to choose exactly where in the world you would like to live and work. Demand for foreign ESL teachers is very high in many areas which means there is usually somewhere to suit all preferences. Whether your dream destination is Barcelona, Bangkok or Bogota, your TESOL certificate is the passport that will take you there. However, there are some restrictions in place in certain countries that might limit your options. Before you buy your plane ticket it is advisable to do some research to ensure your destination is viable.

Will my nationality have an impact on where I can get a TESOL job?

Some countries and individual employers have a policy that only allows the recruitment of teachers from a native English speaking country. The typical definition of this is citizens of the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Do I need a university degree to get a TESOL job?

It is true that some countries have restrictions that only allow schools to hire teachers with a 4-year degree. However, there are many others that have no such restrictions.

Will my age have an impact on where I can get a TESOL job?

There is an upper age limit for teachers in some countries, although this can vary from 55 to 65. Once again, there are many countries that have no specific age limits.

Will my gender have an impact on where I can get a TESOL job?

The only real restrictions in this area occur in the Middle East region where many jobs are restricted to men only or women only, to match the gender of the students. Male only positions are more common than female only.

What is the typical contract length in my country of choice?

Contract lengths for ESL teachers are normally between six months and two years, although one year is the most common. In many European countries, contracts can be for nine or ten months as schools often close for the summer.

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