Can Americans teach English in Europe?

If you have researched teaching English abroad, you might have found stories suggesting that it is impossible for US citizens to find ESL teaching jobs in Europe. However, this is not the case as a high demand for foreign teachers in many countries means there are plenty of great opportunities for American teachers in Europe. Language schools in many areas are always on the lookout for native English speaking Americans with a TESOL qualification to fill their vacant positions. At anytime you will find thousands of US citizens teaching in major European cities such as Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, and Prague.

Where can Americans teach English in Europe?

In many Western European countries there is a preference for British English in some schools and excessive bureaucracy can also be responsible for restrictions on US born teachers. However, in countries such as Italy, Spain and Germany you will find plenty of options for non-EU teachers. In France and Spain there are even government run programs that recruit foreign teachers to work as classroom assistants in the public school system. In much of Eastern Europe there are even more widespread options for non-EU citizens. The most popular destination is probably the Czech Republic, although countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Russia are also rapidly growing in popularity. While it is outside of the EU, Turkey is also a country where job options are increasing rapidly every year. Here you will find no bias towards British English or EU citizens in general. The climate is also great and the local culture is a fascinating mix of European and Middle Eastern influences.

When is the best time for Americans to find English teaching jobs in Europe?

In general, most teaching jobs in Europe are filled via an in-person interview on the school premises, so it is essential to be on the ground looking for work at the right time of year. The main hiring season for language schools across much of Europe is during September and October. There is often a smaller window during January. The main exceptions to these hiring seasons are in Russia and Turkey, where there are no specific best times to do your job hunting.

What visas do Americans need to teach English in Europe?

In some countries such as Turkey, Russia and Poland, you will need to apply for a work visa before you leave your home country. In most other cases you simply fly into your country of choice and enter on a standard tourist visa. In teaching hotspots such as Spain and Italy, it is normal for a large number of teachers to start work with only this visa in their passport. Although this is technically illegal, it doesn?t stop thousands of teachers following this path every year. In Germany and the Czech Republic, it is usual to process your work permit after you have arrived in the country. Study visas are another option for some teachers as enrolling on a language study program in your chosen country can often include a student visa that allows you to work on the side for a set number of hours per week.

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