Are there any age limits for TESOL teaching?

There are no specific restrictions on who can enrol on a TESOL certification course. At ITTT we have a minimum age requirement of 18, but we have no upper age limit as we have successfully trained people of all ages over the years. All native and near native English speakers are welcome to join any of our courses regardless of their age. All we ask is that you are keen to learn new skills and are fully open to new ideas.

Can older teachers find jobs teaching English abroad?

While it is true that many of our TESOL graduates are in their 20s, it is not true that employers only look for people of this age group. Some international employers are keen to employ young teachers for a variety of reasons, but equally there are plenty of situations where more mature teachers are preferred. Any TESOL certified teacher who has previous experience in education or any training type role should have little trouble finding a suitable teaching position. Also, many employers prefer to hire teachers with more life experience, whatever your previous job history. It is worth noting that around 50% of all English language classes are aimed at adult students and schools often consider that older teachers are more likely to build a good rapport with their students. The fastest growing sector in adult English teaching is in business related classes and schools that offer these are always keen to recruit teachers with any kind of business background.

Are some regions better than others for older ESL teachers?

Some countries around the world do have an upper age limit when issuing work visas or permits. Before making any solid plans to teach in a specific country, it is advisable to check with an embassy or consulate for the latest requirements. Older teachers should consider being flexible about where they want to teach so they have the widest choice of options. Certain regions such as Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East are more likely to welcome older teachers than many European or East Asian countries.

How can I level the playing field as an older ESL teacher?

A positive statistic for older teachers is that over half the English language teaching jobs available at any one time will require the candidates to interview face-to-face. In these situations, you get a great chance to sell yourself and your life experiences. In-person interviews also help to demonstrate your physical fitness and professional approach much better than a CV/resume can. The simple truth is, if you really want to teach English overseas there are plenty of jobs available regardless of your age.

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