Are TESOL teachers in demand?

This is one of the easiest to answer of all the many questions we get asked by our potential trainees. The straightforward answer is that in most regions the demand for TESOL qualified teachers is very high year-round and in some areas it is even possible to pick from a range of options as the number of vacant positions outweighs the number of available teachers.

Are TESOL teachers in demand in English speaking countries?

While for many of our TESOL trainees the aim is to live and work as a teacher overseas, there are also those who intend on staying at home. There are plenty of options for teachers in countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA, as increasing levels of immigration have led to a huge growth in demand for English language instruction. Although opportunities do exist in these countries, newly qualified teachers will generally find it easier to land a job in areas where demand is at its highest, rather than areas with strong competition such as these.

Are TESOL teachers in demand in China?

China has the largest population in the world and the largest number of English language learners. Demand is simply huge all over the country, although you are expected to have a degree in order to apply for a work permit. Despite this policy, you might find the rules are not rigorously enforced outside of the two biggest cities, Beijing and Shanghai.

Are TESOL teachers in demand elsewhere in Asia?

Although China leads the way in terms of job numbers, other countries in the region also have a strong market for TESOL certified teachers. Asia?s most developed nations such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have all been open to large numbers of foreign teachers for many years. These countries also offer high salaries, although the competition for each job is often quite strong and the standard requirements are usually higher than China. Another very popular region is Southeast Asia. The salaries in this area are typically less than the previous countries mentioned, but the laidback lifestyle and low cost of living are major factors for many teachers. Countries with good opportunities in this region include Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Are TESOL teachers in demand in Europe?

There has traditionally been a strong demand for TESOL certified teachers across Europe and that is still the case today. Countries such as Italy, France and Spain have long attracted teachers from all over the world, although competition is now high for jobs in many of the most popular areas. The regions that have seen the largest growth in demand in recent times are Central and Eastern Europe. Countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary have seen a huge increase in jobs in most major cities. The big bonus for teachers in these areas is the low cost of living compared to Western Europe.

Are TESOL teachers in demand in Latin America?

Central and South America are very popular locations for teachers as there are plenty of jobs available in many countries across the region. One of the biggest draws of this part of the world is that there is generally no need for previous teaching experience or any other qualifications besides a TESOL certificate. The most popular countries in Latin America include Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Costa Rica. However, there are also several up and coming destinations such as Colombia, Ecuador and Peru that are also well worth checking out.

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