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How long do TESOL contracts last? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

After completing a TESOL course you will be ready to start looking for that all important first teaching job, but how long do employers expect you to commit to them for? Below we outline what you might find when signing contracts in different parts of the world. When working in Europe the most common contract length is for an academic year that generally runs from September to June in most countries. This can be ideal for many teachers as it allows you to take a couple of months off during the summer to travel around the continent, or you can continue earning in a different environment such as a summer camp. English language summer camps run for between four and eight weeks and can be found in many European countries. Contracts for six or even three months are also possible in some...  [Read more]

Tefl reviews - How Long Are Tefl Contracts - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

  Once you have completed your chosen TEFL course and have that all important certificate in your hand, you can seriously start to plan the next stage of your adventure. Thanks to the sustained demand for English language teachers right across the world there are plenty of countries to choose from, each with its own unique set of attractions. But how long will you have to commit for when you sign the job contract? Europe The most common contract in European schools is for an academic year that generally runs from September to June. The great thing here is you will have a couple of months off during the summer break to travel or earn some extra cash working with private students or at a summer camp. Summer language camps are very popular across much of Europe and usually run for 4...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English in Japan? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

ESL teachers have flocked to Japan in large numbers for many years due to the abundance of jobs and good salaries. However, in recent years the cost of living has risen faster than salaries, making it harder to save as much as was traditionally possible in previous years. Although it might have lost some of its status as a high earning destination, there are still plenty of well paid jobs available across the country, particularly in cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama. Your expected salary will vary based on your previous experience, academic qualifications, the location, and the employer. The typical salary range is from 200,000 to 600,000 yen (currently $2,000 to $6,000 US) per month. Certain jobs might pay an hourly rate rather than a fixed salary and in this case you can...  [Read more]

TESOL Bolivia - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Bolivia TESOL Courses

  As with most countries in the region, jobs are quite easy to find but salaries are very low. Most jobs seem to be in La Paz but there are certainly opportunities elsewhere in the country for those prepared to accept a local wage. The cost of living is low which means that despite the low salaries teachers can enjoy a reasonable standard of living. 1. 3 EFL teachers needed, La Paz, Bolivia SpeakEasy Institute is an innovative language institute here in La Paz. We opened in January 2002 to try to satisfy the needs of Bolivian students of English as a Foreign Language. The two partners in this venture have some 30 years of experience teaching English between them and had previously pinpointed failings within the state and private EFL sector. SpeakEasy Institute aims to give a good...  [Read more]

How can I save money while teaching English abroad? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Financial reward is not the main priority for everyone who chooses to teach English abroad, however, the ability to live comfortably and to enjoy all that you new home has to offer is certainly something most people consider. To ensure you are able to earn a good income and have the option of saving some of it to fund travel or to pay off student loans, there are a few things you can do before you leave home and after you arrive in your new country of residence. Probably the most important thing you can do to help your earning potential before leaving home is to complete an internationally recognized TESOL certification course. TESOL certification is rapidly becoming an essential qualification in many of the most popular teaching destinations worldwide, particularly those that offer...  [Read more]

Will I get health insurance when teaching English abroad? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Having adequate health insurance is clearly an important issue wherever you are living and working around the world. Whether health insurance is covered by your employer or not is something that varies from one situation to the next so it is important to confirm this whenever you are interviewed for a teaching position. Here we take a brief look at health insurance within the ESL teaching world. In most of the big ESL job markets across Asia such as China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Vietnam, health insurance is typically included in a teaching contract. In most cases the cost will be fully covered by the employer, although a small sum might be deducted from your salary in certain situations. In other less developed markets, health insurance is less likely to be...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English in Jordan? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Jordan is known to have one of the most progressive school systems in the Middle East. The country has stated its aim is to become a fully bilingual country as soon as possible and that is probably not very far away. There is a particular demand for teachers who are experienced in working with young learners as nearly a third of the country?s population is under the age of 15. Although you will not be offered the same level of pay that you would get in countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, teachers in Jordan will benefit from a lower cost of living that means your income will go much further. Standard tutoring jobs typically pay between $800 and $1,500 a month, although teachers with the relevant qualifications can apply to international schools that pay up to $3,000 a month...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English in Taiwan? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Taiwan is an increasingly popular teaching destination as it offers good salaries and a relatively low cost of living, as well as a highly developed infrastructure and a stable economy. If you are a native English speaker with a TESOL certification you should have no problem landing a teaching job in a public school or a privately owned language academy. Positions can be found in all parts of the country, but the largest markets are in big cities such as Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Tainan. Your expected salary in Taiwan will be heavily influenced by your qualifications and your previous teaching experience. It is quite common to pay an hourly rate rather than a fixed salary, with rates starting at around 600 NTD (currently $20 US). If you have plenty of experience, you might be...  [Read more]

Can an ESL teacher be a digital nomad? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

The simple answer to this question is YES, it is now common for TESOL qualified teachers to work exclusively online while traveling from place to place or while spending an extended time in one location. Internet download speeds continue to increase in most countries around the world, including many that you might think are off limits. There are also plenty of different employers targeting the online teaching market, with more starting up on a regular basis. With countless potential employers and no shortage of possible destinations, there has never been a better time to leave your stale nine to five behind. However, which countries offer the best visas for a long-term stay. Visa length: Up to 60 days Bali has long been a popular tourist hotspot and a stop on the backpacker trail,...  [Read more]

How do I get a job teaching English in South Korea? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

South Korea has become one of the most popular countries in the world for teaching English abroad as demand is high and so are the salaries. The average monthly pay is around $1,500 to $3,000 and most teachers are able to save a considerable percentage of this each month. Many jobs also include a range of extra benefits such as return airfares, free housing and a bonus for completing the contract. The EPIK Program is a government backed scheme that recruits foreign teachers to work in public schools across the country. This is a very popular option is all the details are sorted out before you need to leave your own country. Other common options include private language institutes, universities and even international schools. Regardless of the type of school you choose to work for...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English abroad? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Teaching English abroad continues to grow in popularity and salaries are on the rise in many parts of the world. Your potential for earning big salaries depends on several factors including your level of qualifications, previous teaching experience and the region or country where you choose to work. When evaluating the salary offered by any particular teaching job it is important to consider both the figure itself and the cost of living in the specific country where you will be living. A monthly income of $1000 in Peru would be enough to provide a very comfortable lifestyle, while the same amount in a major city such as Rome would probably not be sufficient to provide the kind of lifestyle you were hoping for. Any additional benefits included in your contract are also worth...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English in Saudi Arabia? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Some people see Saudi Arabia as the ideal destination for teaching English abroad as potential salaries and other benefits are as good as anywhere in the world. Cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah have a strong and continuous demand for qualified teachers, with universities, colleges, international schools, and private language academies all looking to fill vacant positions. Although salaries are very high across the country, Saudi Arabia has a unique cultural environment that you also need to be aware of before getting on the plane. The country has very conservative laws and traditions that might make it unsuitable for some teachers. Drinking alcohol is completely forbidden and close interaction between unmarried couples is not allowed. It can be particularly challenging for female...  [Read more]

What do TESOL teachers get paid? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

It is important to remember when looking at the raw figures presented here for TESOL teacher pay that the figures are all relative to the cost of living in the country or region in question. A salary of US$2,000 a month in rural Cambodia is certainly not the equivalent of the same salary in Tokyo, Japan. Additionally, the raw salary does not indicate other financial and non-financial benefits, such as who pays for your permits and licenses, who pays for your accommodation, do you get holiday pay or free flights, etc? So do not just take the figures at face value. Do some of your own research on the general living costs in the country you are interested in and scan the job adverts for additional benefits. Five main factors related to TESOL teacher pay: Taking each of these in turn;...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English in Russia? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

While English is commonly taught in schools across Russia, the standard of teaching is generally quite low. Due to this poor standard, many Russians choose to learn English once they have left school as a way to improve their job prospects. Many parents also send their children for private lessons outside of school hours. This high demand means there are job opportunities in most parts of the country, although the biggest markets are found in Moscow and St. Petersburg. As Russia is so vast in size, salaries can be very different in different parts of the country. Private language schools offer the majority of teaching jobs and these usually pay an hourly rate which typically equates to around $650 per month for a newly qualified teacher. If you have previous experience you can expect...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English in Bulgaria? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Like several other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Bulgaria has drastically improved its infrastructure since joining the EU. In that time, the market for foreign ESL teachers has also grown considerably to meet the demand from local people who need to improve their English skills in order to move up the career ladder in many different fields. The country has plenty of attractions to offer teachers, including the famous Black Sea coastline, ski resorts at a fraction of the price of most others in Europe, and stunning natural scenery. Bulgaria is certainly not somewhere to teach English if you want to save a large amount of money or live a lavish lifestyle, but that doesn?t stop people from coming here to enjoy the country?s culture, history and natural environment. The...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English in the United Arab Emirates? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

As 90% of the population of the United Arab Emirates is made up of expatriates from all over the world, it provides a great environment for English language teaching. Demand for foreign teachers is very high in major centers such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, as salaries are famously high, competition for jobs can often be very strong. If you are new to teaching and have little or no classroom experience, you are unlikely to get employed in the UAE. For those who are successful, you can expect to live a very comfortable lifestyle during your stay. You will find a wide variety of employers across the country, all of which should pay a competitive salary of between 9,000 AED (currently $2,500 US) and 20,000 AED ($5,500 US) per month. The exact figure will depend on the employer,...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English in Singapore? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Singapore is a very attractive destination for teaching English as it is both modern and safe, as well as exotic and exciting. Although this island city-state is one of the smallest countries in Asia, it still has plenty to offer including a year-round warm climate, high quality cuisine, world-class shopping, and a culture that is inspired by countless countries around the world. Singapore?s rapid development has been nothing short of miraculous and it is now one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Compared to most of its regional neighbors, salaries for ESL teachers in Singapore are very high at around $2,700 to $3,500 per month, depending on previous experience and teaching qualifications. A standard week in most jobs would involve around 20 to 25 teaching hours, with...  [Read more]

How much can I earn teaching English in South Korea? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Every year thousands of new and experienced teachers head to South Korea to take advantage of the competitive salaries and good working conditions that are routinely on offer. South Korea is also one of the wealthiest countries in Asia with low crime rates and a high-tech infrastructure, making it an attractive place to live and work. How much you are paid while teaching in South Korea will depend on your previous classroom experience and where you choose to work. However, the average monthly salaries for public schools are: First time teachers = 1.8 to 2.0 million KRW ($1,600 to $1,800 USD). Experienced teachers = 2.0 to 2.7 million KRW ($1,800 to $2,400 USD). The average monthly salaries for private schools are: First time teachers = 2.0 to 2.1 million KRW ($1,800 to $1,900 USD)....  [Read more]

How much can I save while teaching English abroad? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

People have many different reasons for wanting to teach English abroad. For some it is the adventure, while others are looking to experience a new culture, or even just to escape the daily 9 to 5 grind. Whatever your reasons, the financial side of heading overseas as a TESOL qualified teacher is also likely to be of some importance. Although the majority of teachers have no problem finding a job that pays them enough to live a comfortable lifestyle, for some it is also essential that they are able to save some of their income to put towards future travel or to pay off student loans etc. Despite being an automatic first choice destination for a large number of TESOL qualified teachers, Europe is often one of the hardest places to save money while teaching English. If you decide on...  [Read more]

What is the NET Scheme for teaching English in Hong Kong? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

The NET (Native-speaking English Teachers) Scheme is a long running program that recruits foriegn teachers and is operated by the Hong Kong Education Bureau. Through the program qualified teachers from across the world are placed into state run schools to work as English language teachers. Every year, hundreds of teachers are recruited via the scheme to work in primary or secondary level schools. The mission statement of the program is to share and promote innovation in teaching practice, and to provide an authentic classroom environment for local students. Successful applicants receive a generous salary, several extra benefits, and the opportunity to live and work in one of Asia?s most vibrant destinations. Applicants need to be native or near native English speakers. If accepted by...  [Read more]

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