How to Pronounce 'CANOODLE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word canoodle. This word is used as a verb and describes the action of kissing and cuddling amorously. The origin of the word is widely unknown.

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The most common problems teachers will face are: their first lesson with a class; a class with different levels; large classes; reluctant students; difficulties with listening texts; and the use of the native language. When teaching a first lesson, whether with a new group or existing group that the teacher is new to, make sure to establish rapport, learn about the students, find out why the students need English and their level. Do not jump straight into a grammar lesson, instead use fun activities to engage with the students. When teaching a class with different ability levels, there are several options. One is to use different materials, one for the stronger half of the class, the other for the weaker students. Alternatively, use the same materials but give them different tasks based on it. On the other hand, you can offer the students the same material and teach them in the same way, the stronger students will remain stronger however the gap between the strong and weak students should not change. If you do this, you could also try pairing strong students with weak students to motivate and assist the weaker students, however make sure the stronger student does not dominate the work. When dealing with a larger class, teachers can be concerned about keeping control and ensuring all students are involved. Use pair or group work, worksheets and choral repetition, and ensure your voice is loud enough for all students to hear. Try appointing group leaders to help with classroom management. Another issue teachers face si the use of native language in the classroom. To avoid this, make the activities students are given appropriate for their level so they do not need to use their own language. Ensure your explanations are clear to all the students and, when interacting with the students, offer constant encouragements to use English and only respond to students when they use English. Finally, teachers will, at some point in their career, come across reluctant students. Try putting these students into pairs or use controlled practice or role plays, as some students will be more willing to engage in the activity when it is very structured or they can play the part of someone else. Alternatively, let the student record their thoughts outside class, away from the classroom environment, so they still have the chance to have their English checked by the teacher.

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