English Grammar -- Present Simple -- Negative Form -- Teacher Pay Overseas


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I would say here that it is and will be an acts of responsibilities on the part of the Teachers to adhere to the basic principles of application and usages of the explained features of this unit for efficiency and accuracy in the field of teaching without any any proble.
Unit 5 Managing Classe.
Learning how to reduce teacher talking time is definitely a weak area for m.
I find myself ALWAYS speaking too much so this was valuable information as I can pin point and reduce my over elaborations and incurease the use of pictures or gesture.
3 tenses and 4 usages : excelent way to organize tense.
It continue with the 4 uses of presen.
the differents between the present perfect and the present perfect continuous is explained very wel.
Some good idea for teaching to.
Short lesson but very clear and useful.