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Reach To Teach is ESL Teacher Placement Agency placing thousands of happy native English teachers into schools around the world. Whether you are looking for a government teaching program or want to work at a private language school, the professional recruiters from Reach To Teach can help you make the right decision and find a suitable teaching position in your desired location!

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If you want to teach English in China and immerse yourself in Chinese culture and learn Mandarin Chinese, teaching with Reach To Teach is the perfect opportunity for you. Reach To Teach currently works with many exciting young learner, adult, and online schools for teachers that want to teach in China. Your salary as an English teacher in China will be enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and save for trips around China and to other countries in Asia!

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South Korea is an extremely popular destination for those who want to teach English abroad in Asia. Both Korea’s successful modern economy and interesting culture make it an attractive location for those interested in teaching English in Korea. The salary and benefits are excellent, allowing you to live a comfortable lifestyle and save money, further your housing is fully paid for by your English school. Outside of the classroom you will also find that Korea is a fun place to explore and try new food! South Koreans are extremely hospitable and feel it is important for guests to leave with a good impression.

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Taiwan is a country of contrast, where cutting edge modern conveniences lie below a traditional culture that remains strong today. If you want to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and learn Mandarin Chinese while still having all the modern conveniences available, teaching in Taiwan is for you! Reach To Teach currently works with a large number of reputable client schools offering ESL jobs in Taiwan. Your salary as an English teacher will be more than enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and save for trips around Taiwan and to other countries in Asia!

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With its tropical weather, beautiful beaches and river systems, cultural heritage sites, and teeming cities, it’s no wonder that Vietnam is a popular teaching destination for ESL teachers around the world. Reach To Teach’s teaching positions in Vietnam give teachers plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture. You can enjoy everything that Vietnam has to offer – food, culture, and language – while experiencing a rewarding career as an English teacher. You’ll enjoy a competitive monthly wage and a low cost of living.

huge karst rocks in halong bay, vietnam


Stunning nature reserves, modern bustling cities, ancient temples, and beautiful beaches are just some of the main attractions that you’re going to get up, close and personal with when you start your job teaching English in Thailand. While you’re teaching in a Thai public school, you’ll still more than enough opportunities to immerse yourself in Thai culture, study the language and enjoy everything that this beautiful country has to offer. Your salary as an English teacher in Thailand will be more than enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and save for trips around Thailand and to other places in Asia!

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