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D.A. – Korea said:
When I first began this course, I was teaching ESL in South korea. The course was extremely useful since I was able to apply everything that I was learning back in my classroom each week. Even though course books help explain concepts discussed in each unit, this course gave me ideas on better ways to explain concepts. Also, this course helped me plan better for my classes so that my students will get the most out of each class meeting. I have realized how difficult english is for a non-english speaker, or learner. I feel very fortunate to be a native english speaker since I do not need to think about what I am saying. It comes naturally. However, I am now more aware of how difficult it is to learn, and how to explain as a teacher. I have realized that even as a native speaker, I still have a lot to learn! This course has helped me feel more confident as a teacher and in my own knowledge or abilities. Prior to this course, I would begin each course with minimal preparations since I was required to only use the course books. Now, I want to be more prepared both in supplementary materials and in understanding of what I will be teaching. I have seen too many teachers begin lessons blindly simply because they are “native” speakers. I have fallen into this habit as well! After this course, it has shown me how much more work I need to put in before teaching in order to fully understand the concepts I would be teaching. I want my students to succeed in the english language, so if I come to class unprepared, then I am doing them a huge disservice. They rely on the teacher to present the facts to them in different ways to help build their understanding and skills. I feel that this course has opened my eyes more to the difficulties of the english language, and ways I can become a better teacher for my students. When I first began this course, I was able to apply everything I learned since I was still working in the ESL field. Although, now, I am back in the states, and finding that it is harder to use all that I have studied in this course. I have shared some interesting english tips to my family and friends, but since I am always surrounded with english native speakers, I do not have the opportunities to teach. I am currently looking for ESL job openings in the southern california area. I would like to continue teaching english since I thoroughly enjoy it and find the english language extremely interesting. I feel that I have a “gift” at teaching the language in simple terms. I love culture, meeting new people, and helping those that want to perfect their english skills. I am unsure when I will be able to teach again, but I am hoping for an opportunity to open up soon. I am exploring the options and excited to see what the next adventure will be! No matter where I end up, I feel more qualified and confident as a teacher after taking this course.
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