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J.D. – U.S.A. said:
Though the course did not teach me exactly how to teach english, it gave me lots of pointers on what to consider when teaching, what to NOT do while teaching, and gave me a basic understanding of what to expect as a new teacher. This course was an excellent review of the english language, showing me grammar patterns that even I as a graduate with a Bachelors in english, do not use correctly and many patterns that will be difficult for non-native english speakers to use. I learned that lesson planning is not easy and must be adaptable, and that you have to consider the needs of each of the individual students. And most importantly, I learned that I need to be creative and find ways to make my lessons fun and exciting to encourage my students to continue learning. Though nothing will replace actually teaching experience, this course gave me a basic understanding so when I do start in korea, I will not be going into the classroom completely unaware of what to expect. The course explained both my role as the teacher and the role of my students. It also explained to me what the different types or levels of learners there are, and gave me suggestions on how to teach each type. The course also reviewed grammar structures such as parts of speech, tenses, passive voice etc. and what students may have issues with regarding these grammar patterns. The course also explained different methods, especially the ESA method which I have come to be familiar with and able to use. I also learned about the difference in receptive and productive skills and why each set of skills is important to develop in the students. I learned about different types of lesson materials and teaching aids and how to incorporate them into a lesson, and choose them if my school does not use a specific set of materials. Also, I learned about different testing methods, from oral exams, to state/country exams.
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